BRPA Board Meeting December 9, 2014 Summary Minutes

Members Present: Kurt Karsten, Lee Shackelford, Mary Snowdon, Tom Osborne, Jay Green, Renee Rubin

Kurt Karsten, as president, convened the meeting at 7:35 p.m. without a quorum, for discussion purposes only. The items discussed were:

1.) Guest Passes: BRPA has had a perennial with administering the guest pass policy I the Bylaws. The biggest problem is adequately collecting guest fees under the Bylaws provisions that allow each regular member free 2 guests per day and each Charter member 4 free guests per day. Do we want to continue to have free guest passes per day? Each guest is charged $3.00 per person after the free passes. Keeping track of and collecting fees for guest fees has required a lot of effort with little recovery, yet the ability to bring guests is a major value to the membership. Ideas that were discussed:

• Hole punch card for guests: each member would get a pass with 25 guests and then would have to purchase a new guest pass card (10 guests each per card).
• Scanning each guest upon arrival (WiFi repeater needs to be installed in office to enable use of computer)
• Finger print system for check-in (similar to the one at a local gym called 24 Hour Fitness)

Action items: We will discuss with DRD and the new Aquatics director and investigate the finger scan system and other scanning systems, to work on Gate control, which is essential to any guest pass policy.

2.) The other major item discussed was creation of a Long range plan for landscaping and the overall facilities design and appearance of the pool (15YRS+): Issues that were discussed included:

• Nothing can be built within a 100 ft of water
• hiring a firm to come in and review pool interior and exterior
• Look beyond members for ideas
• Fence to replace current chain-link fence
• Increase Storage space
• Add Decking
• Add more games
• Look into Pervious concrete as a solution for impervious surface limits

Action items: Create Long Range Planning Committee

3. Also discussed in general:
• Rental of pool total income: $9,500 (cost to rent $225 + cleaning)
• Need to update the pool rental room, redo the floors “rescreening”, redo ceiling
• Recognition or donation “wall”- with plaques with names of donors
• Bring food trucks or have a caterers certain nights during the week
• Update the upper deck along with new tables and chairs

3.) Outstanding items to be done before next meeting:

• Write job description for “Aquatic Director” position
• Meet with DRD to go over contract

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