BRPA Board Meeting minutes – July 14, 2015

BRPA Board Meeting                                                                                7/14/15 


 Meeting Minutes                                                                                            

 Members Present:  Kurt Karsten, Renee Rubin, Jay Green, Akshay Gandhi-Aquatics, Tom Osborn, Bruce Reiter, Megan Reiter, Mary Snowdon, Parker Jones, Leigh (AC) , Tim Jaeger, Jeremy DRD.

  Kurt Karsten, as president, convened the meeting at 7:35 p.m.

 Aquatics director report and pool management:  new propane installed by Akshay.  Snack shop window is being delivered on Thursday.  Food truck nights need to notify DRD,  past weekend very busy at the pool.  Discussion about protocol to follow when needing another guard.  Guards handled crowds well.  Akshay is here 30-40 hrs per wk in the morning and evenings 5-6 hrs per day.  Megan schedule is typically opposite.  Guards are getting along and doing well.  Issues with trash have come up on Friday nights to Saturday.  Every Sunday Lost and Found will be tossed out.  Jocelyn will need to make an announcement to pool members a week before we begin this process. Update first aid kits. Renee will work with Akshay setting up a parent’s first aid kit.

 Old and New Business:

  • ·         Turkey Trot– will use an online sign up, try to increase size of the race to include folks outside of the community,  packet pick up night before, packets will include t-shirt.  Will need to have a “parade permit” for this event.  Form is online. 

 Motion to enter contract with T3 and make this a bigger event.

  • ·         Fence Gate-Jocelyn has a current bid.  We need to make sure it does not obstruct the view in any way.  Fire marshal requires the gates be unlocked on the perimeter-guards need to check this first thing at start of the day.  Is this on the standard procedure checklist? 
  • ·         Boat and Trailer Storage Policy:  this is an off-season boat storage only policy.  No boats are to be stored here in the summer.  Kurt will have the boats that have not paid and should not be here.

 Motion to approve a policy not to have boats parking at the pool. 

  • ·         Party Schedule:  End of the year Luau party.  Cook off a pig.  Would like to use paypal to have families pre-pay.  Parker Jones is going to send out an email after contacting his committee with updates.
  • ·         End of the Season Planning:  Jeremy states that we will be needing to purchase a new cover with anchors.  He will obtain a quote possibly $10,000-$15,000.  Should take approx one month. 

 Would like to stain and cover the pergola. 

 Furniture-would like to have some new umbrellas and umbrella stands are rusted.

 Membership Status/treasurer Reports:   membership status sent out along with treasurer report.  Number of members is exactly what was budgeted for.  Above budget because of swim team family.  Will vote at another meeting on the Non-resident Swim Team members. 

 Snack bar update: girls keep it very clean.  Would like to hang out outside the shop. 

 Swim Team updates:  4-0 record two more swim meets. Pool purchased new extension cords.

 Swim-a-thon: designated fire marshal and monitoring the drinking-Parker Jones and Bruce will be present.

 BR Camp looking for a alternative place to camp during the day on Friday, July 17, 2015.  It’s fine to use the pool house.

 Life line 100 Annapolis Pediatrics –Parker will request more information.  October 18th water stop.  Looking for volunteers. 

 Maintenance Report:  baby pool gate one magnetic latch purchased.  Jeremy says the new requirements will require self-closure and self-latching.   Should we have roof assessed?  It’s a 15 year roof in it’s 16th year.  We need to have another meeting about capital expenses. 

 Meeting adjourned at 9:25pm

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