BRPA Board Meeting November 11, 2014 Summary Minutes


Present:  Bill Thomas, Kurt Karsten, Cindy Wells, Jocelyn Williams (AC), Tom Osborn, Tim Jaeger, Dan Phelps (AC), Jeff Gilbert, Renee Rubin, Jacqueline Smit (Non-Resident Swim team Family Pool Member)

Please note: not a quorum present to conduct any official pool business

1st line of business: review the “Board Member Terms (2014-2016)” Document see document for details

The following were proposed to add to the board as officers and board positions:

  • President: Kurt Karsten
  •  Vice President: Tom Osborn
  • Jay Green: Treasurer
  • Secretary: Renee Rubin
  • board member: Tim Jaeger
  • board member: Mary Snowden

New members not official until vote received via e-mail; Bill Thomas conducted the e-mail vote on 11-13/2014; all approved.

2nd line of business:  Review of BRPA Budget meeting at Sherrie Kelley’s house on 10/28/14—the finance group laid out a proposed 2015 budget based on the numbers from 2014.  There will be no increase in pool membership fees (this has not increased in 3-4 yrs).  See budget for details

Highlights of the budget meeting includes:

  • Main expense is the re-plaster of pool: estimated cost $80,000
  • Non-Resident Swim Team Family Pool Membership: fees will increase from $1000 to $1300.  Allowed 23 families in to this program in 2014 and will allow 25 families in 2015.
  • Non-resident Swim Team Family Pool Membership for 2015 Process will be managed by Treasurer Jay Greene.  These membership fees are due at the beginning of March 2015. Sent letters but could be done via email.  Bill has a list of 35 names and will send information to Kurt K.   Previous  2014 Non-resident Swim Team Family Pool Members should have first option to join again in 2015.

Process discussed :  an email or letter should go out in January or February  to group of families that expressed an interest in the program and ensure that membership fees due at beginning of March 2015 (a Non-resident Swim Team Family Pool Member was present during this discussion).

  • Master swim fees 2014 $8000; morning and evening options. Motioned to continue to approve opening this program up to non-members.
  • Water aerobics not attended well.  Motion to leave this program in the budget and wait for Aquatics Director to decide.
  • March 28th Black Tie Fundraiser: proposed that we’re going to raise $30,000 and hope to net $20,000.  Next 2015 fundraisers: Luau, and Turkey Trot.
  • Guest fees: discussion about having punch cards for guests allowing 20 guests on each card ($3 per guest).  Suggestion for a subcommittee discussion.   Bylaws will need to be changed to accommodate changes.
  • Kate & Shenden Grove-Paddle board lesson donated $500 to pool
  • 2014 Total revenue: $172,000 approximately
  • New Aquatics Director position: salary from $6500 to $10,000
  • Freezer budgeted $1600 (already approved commercial freezer)
  • Pool management contract: increase $5000 with 1 extra week.
  • Change in Pool hours: would like to add 1 hr to Saturday nights throughout summer.  During the last 2 weekends in September suggested opening on Fri 5-9p, Sat. 10-9, Sun 11-5p
  • Diving boards: will replace 2 boards and purchase from  through  BRPA will dispose of them at metal recycler (ask Kevin Klein to pick up)
  • Refinish or rescreen floors in pool party room in 2015 budget.
  • Umbrella funding is under equipment. Would like to order more of the same umbrellas.
  • 2015 revenue expenses up $22,000.  Motion to approve budget-approved.
  • 72 Charter members

Outstanding items:

  • Re-plastering pool: waiting for work order with a timetable
  • Discussion about conversion to saltwater? Would it effect plaster? Is it faster than chlorine (competitive swimming).
  • New Aquatics Director Position

3rd Line Business: 2014 Turkey Trot Fundraiser

Looking for race volunteers-setup and takedown, will have timing and bibs.  Performance T-shirts will be sold at the race.  Jocelyn will send email out about race and t-shirts.  Online registration.  Looking for 6 prizes:  will go to top 3 male and females.  Awards ceremony at the end of race.

Other Discussion items:

No meeting in December; new president says yes to December meeting

Special subcommittee meeting about Guest fees

New fence-7-8 feet proposed as black aluminum to replace current chain link. Proposed to discuss doing it in 3 sections over the next 3 seasons beginning in 2016.

Apparel for Bay Ridge swim team –twill sweatshirts, t-shirts, for 2015

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