Do you hear that?!

That’s the sound of awesomeness as we all pull together to pull off our 70th Jamboree this coming Saturday!

And well, we really need to pull together. Like, um, pretty quickly, ‘cuz there’s also the sound of panic. We need help. Big time. We’ve got a little over 2 days to fill all these spots! Just give us 1/2 hour of your time and we’ll be set!

We need set-up & tear down help (info is below!) and booth volunteers (Lots. Really.) Just sign up right here and we’ll be set.

From Kevin Cline of the Set up/Tear Down Squadron:

I would like to assemble our Motley Crew at 6:00 PM at the Marina this Friday, and on Sunday at 9:00 AM(water available in bottle and IV). The more the merrier, we know how to knock this out on both ends. I have my old Tundra.

Please respond to me directly with your availability for both. Look forward to doing what we do together to make it happen.

Jamborily Yours,


Shop: 443-714-8004
Cell: 443-949-5425
kevin at

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