Hold onto your hat. This is fantastic.

Photo credit: Markus Grossalber/Flickr
Photo credit: Markus Grossalber/Flickr

Innovation starts with a spark. A glimmer of an idea that ignites into something powerful–something that can change the course of our future–for the better.

And that’s just what’s happened here in Bay Ridge. An idea has been hatched that will enable us to save 100 acres of our struggling woods–woods that stand at the verge of extinction (see why)–woods that define and support the livelihood of our community in so many ways.

The idea is elegant in its simplicity. It’s easy–light maintenance. It’s flexible–on your schedule. It’s fun–healthy, outdoors action with your family & friends. It’s free–no cost to participants. And, best of all, it’s rewarding–you’ll help restore our woods and safeguard our future. Boom.

Get to know Adopt-a-Plot. A game-changing concept that’s been in the making for over a year. Explore the Adopt-a-Plot web section to see the basics of how it works, to peruse some killer maps and to view answers many FAQs. We’ll continue to add content here that’s helpful, enriching and fun.

Opening day for reserving your plot is 8/29: at the Jamboree! The Adopt-a-Plot makers will be manning a booth and taking your orders. Afterwards, you can book a plot online on 9/1. Go online to start shopping!

We’ll be sending updates here as we go–so stay close to your inboxes for late-breaking news!

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