BRPA Board Meeting minutes – June 9, 2015

BRPA Board Meeting                                                                                6/9/15   


Meeting Minutes                                                                                            

Members Present:  Kurt Karsten, Renee Rubin, Jay Green, Kathleen Randolph, Jocelyn Williams (AC), Tom Osborn, Akshay Gandhi-Aquatics Director, Megan and Bruce Reiter, Mary Snowdon, Leigh (AC)

Kurt Karsten, as president, convened the meeting at 7:40 p.m.

Membership Updates: pay pal issues, will have detailed profit and loss report next month  (see financial attachments from Jay G), Jocelyn will send email to follow up with people that have not yet paid dues.  Rental home wants to be a member of the pool.  How should we handle it.  New policy may need to be in effect for renters.  No list of bond members or charter members.  Would like to suggest having a membership chairman.  Jay will send 2012 lists to Renee Rubin.

Aquatic Directors Report:  aerobics class (T and TH at 9:30am; they use a punch card to check in) starts at 9:30am and guards start at 9:30am.  Guards are working and DRD is liable and they must be in their chairs.  Guards have to do prep work before pool opens (ie: chemicals, Vacuuming must be done when no one is in the pool).  After speaking with Jeremy, DRD, one guard will show up at 9:15am to get the prep work done in advance.   

Vacuuming discussion: suggested buying an automated vacuum (cost about $500)

Aerobics class- Instructor Tara, T and TH at 9:30am; they use a punch card to check in; starts at 9:30am. Akshay will send aerobic instructors contact info to Jocelyn.  How many people come to aerobics class?  There has been no documentation as to whether they pay the pool at all for these classes. 

Yoga class- Instructor: Chris Lean 

Paddle Boarding-instructor: Kate Grove

Fire Marshall Report- pad locks on side gates must be off during the day, possibly will need to look at new gates that are one way.  Redo the gate system to include possible one-hand push gates. Replaced emergency lights and we put a number address on the outside of building.  Locking gates back up is part of lifeguards routine closing activities. 

GOYBAS: going well

Entrance gate: suggested having ID cards, have ID cards made on registration day.  When you pay dues a sticker is given.  Card system this year will be needing a computer or laptop and a printer. Megan will investigate the computer programs for ID cards (may want to call Kentlands pool). 

Maintenance Report:  benches, hooks and showerheads in ladies room.  Corn hole bean bags will go on shopping bags. 

State of the Pool: Dive-In Movie Night went well but the inflatables were too big and dangerous.  Akshay will look at pool rules about having personal floatation devices in the pool.  When having larger parties for BRPA then Megan or Akshay should be present.

Rental Issues:  none to discuss but we have a bunch coming up

Snack Bar:  Making a bit of money and it looks good.  Issues with cleaning grill items…do away with all pool grill utensils.  There’s no way for folks to clean items. 

Swim Team:  130 members.  1st meet June 20th and pool will not open until 1pm.  The morning practices start on June 15th

Review of Board Committee next meeting. 

Old Business

St Mary’s Sunday Pool Party: board approved for the party planners to arrive early

Updates: Passed health inspection, Water sample sent out will be back in a few days.

Clean up and Maintenance Day: no shows and difficult work falls on just a few folks.  Committees that work and assignments for board members.  Suggested that we have a “maintenance fee” (for example of $75 but leaving all charter members exempt from the fee). If members don’t show up for clean up days, they pay the fee.  If members show for “clean up days” they receive the $75 back in their own accounts.  The board discussed that Clean up days should be handled differently than Maintenance Days. 

 Many maintenance items left to do-painting, work on steps, new shower heads in ladies rooms, deck power wash, tables need to be refinished. Clean up snack room

 Snack bar update: no one has offered to run it.   Freezer become and issue with leftovers from swim team.  Come up with set hours, open it up to non-residents, and then send more announcements out to the community.  Possibilities of getting another freezer.  Discussion of making it a paid snack bar position.

 Did Bruce get 2 vending machines from Fishing Creek?  There was a brief discussion about how to solve the Snack Bar problem, without resolution.  Did job get posted in Newsletter?  Did not see job posted in May Newsletter.  Should we post on website?

 Pool Committees: the committees should be restructured.  Jocelyn will send out an email with the current lists for review. 

May 23rd Opening Day Party:  Parker is in-charge of this party.  We will need to have some communication out to the group this week about who is assigned to bring what. 

Menu discussed: burgers, hot dogs, buns, condiments, paper plates, cups, drinks, beer and wine.   Jocelyn will send an email to Parker. 

Food truck Fridays:  Jocelyn has researched and looked into Crab Town Curb and will check with Great American Burger

Treasurer’s Report:

Late Dues: will become an issue during first few days of pool opening.  Computer does not automatically update to “paid list”.   The guards will have to have an updated list at the door.  Cheryl Lytle will cover for Jay while he is out of town.  Akshay will have the most current “paid list” on the first few days of the pool opening. 

Open the Pool up to entire community on the first day.  Show ID from Bay Ridge or AC  at gate for opening day.

Bay Ridge Pool Association CD accounts: roll over not taken care of at the bank due to complication of having the old treasurers name on the account.  Old Treasurer to go into bank and complete the transaction. 

Kurt Karsten discuss these financial issues with a financial planner Mr. Burkhart and will be getting back to us with the results of the discussion.

 Jay will be out of town from May 16th until 29th.

 Please see attached financial updates from Jay.

Mosquito spaying:  Start the spaying now and have it done every 2 weeks  ($600 for 14 treatments) should go until mid-September.

 Outstanding items:

Next meeting we will review membership numbers and determine how many do we have and continue to monitor the numbers (chairs and tables etc…)

 Non-Community Swim Team Membership:

We have reached our quota for Non-resident Swim Team Members (membership is $1,300 for one season not including Swim Team fees):  we have 25 confirmed.  There will be no more exceptions.  

 Aquatics Director: Akshay Gandhi was introduced to the board.

 Meeting adjourned at 9:25pm



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