AAP_4c_logoHear that? That’s our woods. Calling you. 

We’re a community of thinkers, do-ers, creators. Look what we accomplished in 2000: When the Big Woods needed us, we were there. More than $4 million was raised in 15 months to purchase these woods–saving them from serious development.

This is who we are, Bay Ridge. And we’re needed again. This time in a unique and fun way.

See, our woods had been un-maintained for the 100 years prior to our purchase. That’s a long time. To that end, our Forest Management Committee has been hard at work restoring the health of our woods for the past 10 years. And here’s the good news: the heavy lifting is done! The woods have been largely cleared of the larger invasive sources–but now need ongoing maintenance to give our trees a chance to grow.

This is where you come in.

The concept of the BRCA “Adopt-a-Plot” program is to divide our Big Woods into individual mapped chunks, manageable by a Bay Ridge family or group of individuals for the limited, but extremely important purpose of controlling invasive vines.

How cool is this? By adopting a plot, you’re taking a lead role in securing both our community’s heritage and its future. Use the links to learn more and see how to get involved.

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