A Bay Ridge 4th!


It’s our birthday!

Wanna know how our country celebrated the 4th in 1777? By shooting a cannon 13 times, of course, holding a parade, lighting off fireworks and bonfires. Oh, and ringing bells. Well, check us out these 241 years later—still celebrating in similar style! We’ve got all that covered here—well, aside from the cannon. I bet someone can bring some bells.

Friends! Bay Ridge has been doing the 4th right since 1931. We’ve kept these time-treasured traditions intact—infused with our own Bay Ridge style. A style that’s festive, authentic to who we are, respectful and fun. As it’s supposed to be.

A note on that last bit. The fun. Last year, the board surfaced a letter reminding us, basically, to keep some perspective here this year. See, here’s the thing.

DSC_3086This day is magical for kids (for all of us, really). Impressionable young children look up to Bay Ridge’s parents & older kids on this day—let’s show them how to celebrate with spirit and respect for one another. This is a day to treasure, celebrate and remind ourselves how lucky we are to live here. In this country. In this community. It’s meant to be a fun, healthy competition—no room for inappropriate content or behavior on this day (very little children, remember?).

OK! Now. Onward..

Need a refresher on the details? We got you. 


Let’s get star-spangled, Bay Ridge! Grab your neighbors for some patriotic collaboration. Decorate your bikes, cars, tractors, strollers and floats for our annual parade. We’re talking crepe paper, paints, posterboard, hammers… you get the idea! The basic theme is, of course, to celebrate America’s signing of the Declaration of Independence—but also to try and tie it into Bay Ridge, in some creative way! No hard & fast rules, really—except of course, being appropriate and safe—have fun!

  • Line up and register at 11am on Mayo.
  • Parade will begin at 11:30 am.
  • Prizes for original, star-spangled floats!
  • Float Judging Criteria:
  1. OVERALL IMPRESSION: Presentation, Craftsmanship, Design
  2. ORIGINALITY: Original concept
  3. SPIRIT: Enthusiasm of the group
  4. THEME: Cohesive theme/concept
  5. BONUS POINTS: Patriotism and/or Celebration of Bay Ridge!

*Loss of points for inappropriate content/contractor-built floats/anything obviously not in a respectful, authentic community spirit.

10543614_10205467236054269_8345306332639251978_nThere are many different kinds of awards this year—and the most Bay-Ridge/4th of July-spirited float will take home the BR Cup! 


What’s more Bay Ridge Fourthy than hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken sandwiches, chips, soda & cold beer? Nothing, that’s what! After the parade, enjoy lunch (Oh-so-kindly donated by Grumps Cafe, as usual! So huge!) and a frozen margarita starting at noon.

Bake Sale: Patriotic Cupcakes. Brownies. Cookies and more. Mmm. Don’t miss! If you would like to donate a baked good, please deliver to the Moring household at 61 Decatur on the evening of July 3rd or you can bring to the bake sale booth the day-of. (Leave goodies on porch if no one’s there, best if they’re not super perishable, and we’ll be sure to whisk it in to cool safety ASAP!)

Games: The celebration continues after the parade & lunch. Parents and kids are encouraged to participate in various races, classic egg toss, watermelon & pie eating contests and more!

Volunteers! Grab one of your besties and book a spot! Special mention: we need grillers. You know, folks good with a nice set of tongs. Our go-to grillers are a bit, well, burnt out, and would like a breather this year. Let’s hook them up! We need volunteers for all booths—drinks, bake sale, etc. Sign up genius form to follow. There will also be a call for set-up & take-down muscles, where there’s beer. Which is a nice bonus. Stay tuned for that.

Maybe you’ll win the BR lotto! Or Loddao if you’re from B’more. This year, something new: 50/50 Raffle! You’ll be getting some tickets in your mailbox in the next few days, if you’d like to buy a bunch, just drop your money & tickets to the D’Camera house at 46 Decatur Ave. Whatever cash money is raised is split 50/50 between you and the community. Whoop! Could be a jackpot!

Lost your flyer from the Heron? We’ll upload the PDF here shortly.

Note for over-21 folks: Bring your ID! We’re going to try & quickly serve cold drinks and also ensure we’re abiding by the law.. just don’t forget an ID to the picnic!

It’s going to be awesome. Bust out your paints and flags, friends. It’s nearly time!

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