It’s time to make Uncle Sam proud.


Tomorrow is July 1! If you’re like most BR-neighbors right now, you’re busy digging paint out of your fingernails and eyeing household appliances that just might work to pull together some float ideas. Just remember: last minute is OK. (It’s more than OK, it’s the norm!)

What’s this, you say? In case you’ve been trapped under something heavy (like work), here’s the full scoop for Monday’s 4th of July celebration! Join us in the parade—walk, wave, ride or cheer everyone on! Then let’s all gather where the parade ends, down River Drive towards Sands.

OK. 4 important 4th-news items below!

(1) Now. This is where you get to be a star.
We need some hands to help out in the ‘only-in-BR’ wooden booths! If you haven’t signed up yet, please do. We need GRILLERS. Did we say free beer and margaritas, you know, to help things along? We did?

Sign up here on this sign-up genius form. Hooray to Bob Lutz for signing on as a griller! We need more awesome peoples like Bob. And Bob can’t grill lunch for everyone by himself. Just grab an hour. Jump in, like, today, so our fearless event planner can breathe again. Or at least eat some breakfast.

More of a Builder-type? Or is demolition your thing? Then here’s the story. Kevin Cline is running his set-up & tear-down routine like the boss that he is. It’s been rumored that daddies find this more fun that ‘mindin’ the kids’—and make this Man’s Work a solid priority. Some may enjoy the cold refreshments and even linger on a bit w. buddies. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.We need you! Scoop is here:

I would like to offer up a rally call for the Teardown portion of the Setup/Teardown cycle. Please make the extra effort to participate in both the front-end and back-end of our work if you are able to do so. Let’s face it, the 4th can be scorcher, and everyone is always tired after a great day of fun in the sun. Even though a retreat to the coolness of home for a break before the fireworks is the logical choice for preserving longevity into the evening, stay the extra 45 minutes and help to get everything returned to its rightful place. We will get you home with plenty of time to recharge your battery.

Please hit me back with your availability and willingness to participate on both sides. My e-mail is

Sunday July 3rd Set-up: 4:00 PM, River Beach (cold Bevs for all over the age of 21)
Monday July 4th Teardown: 3:30 PM, River Beach

(3) Races & games. Let’s not forget about the races—we’re talking the time-tested traditions: egg tosses, three legged races, foot races (note to grown ups: stretch your hammies) and more. It’s so much fun. We know what you’re thinking: I will own the sack race this year! 

And just like that, we go adding in something fun & new. Keep us spirited & on our toes. Ready for it? Here goes:

Paddle Board Watermelon Race. 
We will have 6-8 paddle boards. 4 team members per board…and a watermelon.

Here’s the gist. Race starts on River/4th of July Beach. 2 team members start out on a board (one paddling and one holding the watermelon) and paddle out around the nettle-net beach and back to shore, then pass the watermelon and paddles to their team mates. Those two team mates paddle back (with watermelon in hand) to the beach where it all started.  First team to return and cross the finish line with the watermelon wins the race.

The number of contestant sign-ups will determine the number of heats.

At the picnic (go to Margarita Machine), there will be a team sign-up sheet so think of a creative (but crowd appropriate) name.  Each team must have 4 participants – mixed male / female per team. Grab your buddies, dream up a name & join this inaugural new event! (Thanks Jeff G & Gillian C for this idea!)

(4) Raffle tickies! People. The kitty will be sa-weeeet this year! It’s 50/50. Straight up. The concept is that whoever wins get to keep 50% of the raffle earnings. The rest goes to BR. Woah. You’ve likely received a festive 4th packet in your mailbox, this has the tickets inside. Snatch ’em up and drop off your funds at the D’Cameras on 46 Decatur! Did your packet get recycled? It happens. But we got you! Print them yourself with that PDF. Boom!

Wait! I lied. There 5 4th-things.

5) BAKE Sale! Bring us your sweets! Deliver them to the Morings at 61 Decatur Ave on July 3. I will put a table out front and just drop your goodies on by in the evening. Or you can bring them to the Bake Sale booth on the Big Day! A few hints: non-perishable is good. Individually wrapped is also good. Brownies, cookies, cupcakes… and what was that insane cookie-turducken that involved an oreo? THOSE. Yes. Those! Thank you all for your help in making this an awesome, festive and wholesome event.

See you all soon!
– the hood

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