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  • Just as we did in 1931. But with watermelon eating contests. Bay Ridge is buzzing with excitement. Last minute float ideas, trips to the hardware store, crepe paper. The 4th of July is less than a week away! For old timers and those new to the hood—welcome to Christmas in July. Bay Ridge has put[...]
  • It’s hard to believe—1999 marks the year our pool was opened. That’s 16 years of learning to swim. Friendships made. Birthdays celebrated. Races swum. Plans made. In short? Our pool has come to represent much more than a place to cool off—it’s where our communities’ spirits are truly nourished. [...]
  • Calling Bay Ridge entrepreneurs, virtual workers and creative thinkers: come join us for a community study hall! See, technology today affords us unparalleled flexibility in where and how we work--more and more of us are working from our homes now than ever before. Yet, often we're crowding into [...]